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Sponsor Kham Noi, a female elephant from Samui Elephant Sanctuary – Chaweng Noi for 1 year. By sponsoring Kham Noi you are helping to support her daily care, including her special food requirements.


Kham Noi was born in 1960 in Tak Province and as soon as she was strong enough, began working in logging until the practice was banned in 1989. She was subsequently put to work at a trekking camp in Chiang Mai, where for decades she was forced to take people on rides. 


Kham Noi was rescued in 2019 and is now enjoying refuge at our sanctuary, where she can heal the scars of her unfortunate past. Known to be a loner since her arrival she has started to show interest in becoming friends with Suda and we hope that this blossoms into a good relationship with time.

Sponsor Kham Noi

  • As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email as well as a few photos of Kham Noi in thanks for your kind support.

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