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Support the herd at Samui Elephant Sanctuary by buying a tree for the elephants.
Thank you for your kind support of our rescued elephants.

Trees for Elephants


Samui Elephant Sanctuary 

Buy A Tree for the Elephants

Support our new tree planting program and help us create a greener home for the elephants at Samui Elephant Sanctuary by purchasing a tree that we will plant at one of our two locations – Bophut or Chaweng Noi.

Our plan is to create a more diverse forest for the elephants at our sanctuary by planting lots of new trees for them. The trees that we plant will provide shade and food for the elephants for years to come. 

Trees are wonderful gifts of nature. They anchor the earth, produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and filter pollutants, shelter insects, birds and other animals, and provide nourishment with their leaves and fruits. Our reforestation program of native species will also improve the soil quality and help revive the local biodiversity.


By buying a tree for our sanctuary you are supporting eco-tourism and helping to make our sanctuary more sustainable. You will also be playing a small part in making the world a greener place.


Thank you for supporting the elephants at
Samui Elephant Sanctuary

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