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Support our reforestation program by buying a tree to be planted at our sanctuary so that it can provide shade and food for the elephants for many years into the future and help to re-green the planet. 
We will plant a variety of local species of trees including Terminalia Catappa, also known as tropical almond trees. We choose local species of trees so that they will have the chance to thrive in their own environment and will not adversely impact native flora and fauna. Some of the tress will produce fruit that the elephants can eat, including mango trees and fig trees. We will also plant large growing trees that will eventually provide shade for the elephants.
We are embarking on our tree planting program now at the beginning of the rainy season in Thailand, which is the best time of the year to plant trees. 
When you buy a tree, we will plant your tree at our sanctuary and will put a sign with your name under the tree in recognition of your kind support of our reforestation program. We will send you a photo of your tree after it has been planted. You can watch its progress over time when you re-visit the sanctuary for years to come.

Tree for Elephants

  • As a supporter of our tree planting program we will put a sign with your name under your tree and will send you a photograph of your tree in thanks for your kind support.

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