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Sponsor Kham San, a female elephant from the Samui Elephant Sanctuary in Bophut, for 1 year. By sponsoring Kham San, you will be helping to support her daily care, including her food requirements.

Kham San was born in 1967 in Surin Province and spent much of her early adult life working in logging until it was banned in 1989. She was then put to work at a trekking camp, taking people on rides day after day until her rescue in 2017 when she came to live at our sanctuary.

At the sanctuary, Kham San is recovering her natural instincts and no longer fears abuse from her mahouts. She has a hearty appetite and loves bananas. Kham San enjoys swimming and playing in the pool with her best friend, Mae Kham Pang. She can be identified by her two tushes (small tusks), beautiful long tail hair, and sadly, the many scars on her head from years of abuse. Despite her past, Kham San is now a happy elephant and is known for being considerate of others.

Sponsor Kham San

  • As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email as well as a few photos of Kham San in thanks for your kind support.

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