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Sponsor Kham Sing, a female elephant from Samui Elephant Sanctuary – Chaweng Noi for 1 year. By sponsoring Kham Sing you are helping to support her daily care, including her food requirements.


Kham Sing is thought to be born in the early 1960s and her early adult life revolved around hauling logs in the forest until the 1989 logging ban. She was then forced to give rides at trekking camps in Phang Nga, until her rescue to Samui Elephant Sanctuary in January, 2020. 


Kham Sing was emaciated and blind in one eye when she arrived, but has been responding well to her new sanctuary life where loving- kindness and ample food are assured. Kham Sing has formed a strong friendship with Lam Yai and they hang out together much of the day.

Sponsor Kham Sing

  • As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email as well as a few photos of Kham Sing in thanks for your kind support.

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