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Sponsor Yani, a female elephant from Samui Elephant Sanctuary – Chaweng Noi for 1 year. By sponsoring Yani you are helping to support her daily care, including her food requirements.


Yani is a female elephant who is thought to be about 55 years old. For years, she used to work doing elephant riding in Pattaya, after which the owner moved her to Kanchanaburi to live at Ganesha Park for a few months. At this time, the lease on the land at Ganesha Park had been cancelled, and an alternative home had to be found for Yani and three other elephants as soon as possible. Arrangements were made for three of the elephants to be rescued to live at Elephant Nature Park, and for Samui Elephant Sanctuary to rescue Yani because we had a chain-free shelter already built and a place for Yani to stay.  
Yani was rescued on July 21, 2023. It took 21 hours to transport her by truck from Kanchanaburi to Koh Samui, including a 2-hour ferry crossing. When Yani arrived at Samui Elephant Sanctuary Chaweng Noi, she was exhausted from the long journey. We unchained her, gave her a bath, and gave her time to adjust to her new home.  The vet then gave Yani a medical assessment and confirmed that there were no obvious problems requiring treatment. It’s already apparent that she is a calm and sweet natured elephant. As a new arrival, she is still quite shy and prefers to stay alone for now. 


Yani really loves to swim and will happily spend half an hour relaxing in the pool. She doesn’t know what to make of the rice banana balls that the other elephants love – maybe because she’s never been given food like this before. She loves all kinds of fruit and also grass and other natural vegetation. We hope that over the course of time she will begin to make friends with the other elephants and relax more and more into her new forever home. 

Sponsor Yani

  • As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate by email as well as a few photos of Yani in thanks for your kind support.

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